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    The School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering of Nanjing University has undertaken and completed a large number of major R&D programs at state level and has been made outstanding achievements in both fundamental and applied research. 

    The research work continues to be very active in this School. Each year,  about 400 papers have been published in SCI journals. The quality of the papers has also improved significantly. In 2005, the number of papers with high impact factor (>3.0) reached 129. Meanwhile, the number of patents keeps increasing every year.

More than 70 awards have been won, including the National Award of Natural Sciences, the National Awards of Science and Technology Invention, and the Ministerial and Provincial Awards for Advances in Science and Technology. 

    The research activities in the School have been strongly supported by the central and local governments. Since 2001, it has received more than 130 grants from the National Natural Science Foundation of China, 45 grants from the Natural Science Foundation of Jiangsu Province, 12 grants from ¡°973¡± and ¡°863¡±plans. The annual research fund reaches to about 40 million Yuan. 

    While the school maintains its superiority in fundamental research, it also stresses its research  connection and contribution to the economic development of the country and strengthens its applied research. Quite a few innovative techniques have been successfully adopted in industrial applications, such as the manufacturing of special types of adhesive and organic-silicon coupling reagents; the production of a series of organometallic compounds with ultra-high purity for manufacturing photo-electronic semiconductor materials; the high performance additives of water-coal slurry; synthesized zeolite materials for high-efficient removal of harmful components in cigarette; the advanced tower-reactor and membrane separation and the specific additives for third oil extraction.

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