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National R&D Center

National 863 Program R&D Center for New Material MO Precursors

    The center was approved in 1997 by the National Science Committee of China , which mainly focuses on the research and development of synthesis, purification, analysis and filling of high purity metalorganic compounds (MO precursors). MO precursors are key materials for the manufacture of semiconductor materials which are widely applied in high-brightness LED, infrared detectors, semiconductor lasers, solar cells and other opto-electronic devices. As a major supplier of MOCVD technology and production sources in China, the center has developed a series of MO precursors, and new materials for National 863 Project and other national key scientific and technological projects. Nata Opto-Electronic Material. Co., Ltd, registered in 2000, has already realized the industrialization of high purity trimethylgallium and some other MO precursors, a major breakthrough in this field in China.

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