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    The School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering is one of the Research Talents Cultivation Bases for Fundamental Sciences selected by the Ministry of Education, China. The Experiment and Teaching Center of the school was ranked No. 1 in the first national assessment of Experiment and Teaching Center for Excellence launched in 2005. In addition, four of the fundamental chemistry courses were recognized as the Nationally Excellent Courses. Faculty members in the school have published approximately 90 textbooks and related references, written and translated over 60 monographs, and received more than 30 national and provincial teaching awards and many other honorary titles. 

    Undergraduate students in the school are free to select fundamental courses and core courses in chemistry  based on personal interest. The school provides students with advanced facilities and valuable research opportunities. The school offers opportunities for excellent students to work in key national laboratories where students can receive specific research training from distinguished professors. Students from the school had outstanding performance in many national competitions.

    Over 50 percent of graduate students of the school continue their further studies in top-ranked Chinese and overseas universities. Others are employed by companies in foreign trade, pharmaceuticals, customs, including Forbes Top 500 companies like Proctor & Gamble, LG chemical, and more.

    The school is determined to provide the students with the best education and extracurricular activities to prepare them for challenging careers in the forefront of science and technology.


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